Kokomo Grain and Feed Company was founded in 1950 and consisted of a country elevator with 12,000 bushels of storage capacity. One of the first unit train loading facilities in the country was built at the present site in Kokomo in 1974.

The company has enjoyed steady growth over the years through acquisitions and expansion and now has a federally licensed capacity of over 55 million bushels.

The company has facilities in Kokomo, Amboy, Edinburgh, Anderson, Emporia, Romney, Burlington, and Winamac, IN.

Kokomo, Amboy, Anderson, Emporia, and Edinburgh all have rail loaders and are located on short line railroads that enable the company to hit markets to the southeast as well as the export market. The company sells whole grains (corn, soybeans, and wheat) to processors for eventual use primarily in food, soft drinks, and animal feed. The company is now known as Kokomo Grain Co., Inc.